Special Case Transportation

The special container transportation of the shipping department of Qingdao ZHV International Logistics Co., Ltd. mainly includes: frame box, flat box, open top box, tank box, etc. zhanhuawei has many years of operation experience in the transportation of oil drilling, engineering machinery, vehicles, steel, ships, yachts, boilers and large equipment, and can provide you with the best packing and transportation scheme, We are experts in special case transportation and packing operation, binding, reinforcement, safety inspection, covering tarpaulin, etc. Zhanhuawei Qingdao International Logistics Co., Ltd. provides professional services at the port of destination of export and the port of departure of import, so as to ensure the transportation safety and handover safety of goods, and prevent objects from being subverted, corroded and polluted during transportation. At the same time, zhanhuawei also provides various special services with technical content, such as the loading and unpacking of special cases of large goods, door-to-door transportation at home and abroad, as well as the handling and positioning of large goods during handover.

Our Qingdao freight forwarding company has a service agency network all over the world, and has cooperated with COSCO, CMA, OOCL, Maersk, TSL, KMTC, Zim, MSC, HPL, EMC and other domestic and foreign shipping companies for many years, and has established good relations.


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