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What are the “dangerous goods” in international air transport?

Class 9 dangerous goods “Dangerous goods” means materials or articles with dangerous characteristics that, if not properly controlled, may pose potential hazards to human health and safety, infrastructure and / or its means of transport. The transport of dangerous goods is controlled and managed by various management systems and operates at the national and international […]

International logistics FAQs

Q: the whole container of goods has verification sheets from multiple factories. Can you declare it together? Can you declare separately? A: you can declare at the same time, not separately. The verification forms of all manufacturers must be declared at one customs broker. Q: LCL goods have six product names. Can you declare with […]

Description of sea freight and container freight

What is sea transportation? Sea transportation is the most common mode of transportation for importers and exporters. In fact, 90% of the goods are transported by sea and sea. Other international freight modes (express, standard air, express air) are relatively fast, but the price is also more expensive. Smaller shipments and high-value products usually adopt […]

What is international air transport?

International air transport refers to the transshipment and shipment of goods through air carriers, which can be charter flights or commercial goods. These goods depart from commercial and passenger aviation gateways to any place where aircraft can fly and land. A more direct expression is to transport your goods by plane! Advantages of air transport […]

How to select international logistics delivery method?

In addition to products, I’m afraid that friends in international trade are most concerned about an international logistics problem. When receiving an order, how to mail the goods to customers in the fastest and most preferential international logistics way. So how do we choose the delivery channel? Zhanhuawei international logistics compares and introduces the properties, […]

What does “rely on class” mean in air transportation?

1. What is relying on class? As we know, general cargo air freight rates are usually divided into m, N and Q levels, of which Q level is divided into 45, 100, 300, 500, 1000 and other levels – the larger the weight, the cheaper the rate. Grade dependency means that when the freight of […]

What should international logistics pay attention to?

1. The recipient’s information, including the recipient’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, postal code and city, shall be as detailed and accurate as possible. 2. Package express shall not take cash, dangerous goods and other prohibited articles listed in laws and relevant regulations, as well as those prohibited by the carrier as express delivery. […]

What are the main shipping routes in the world?

① Major world routes 1. North Atlantic route: Western Europe (Rotterdam, Hamburg, London, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg); Stockholm and Oslo in northern Europe — North Atlantic — east coast of North America (New York, Quebec, etc.), South Coast (New Orleans port, via Florida Strait). 2. Asia Europe route (Suez Canal route): East Asia (Yokohama, Shanghai, Hong […]